What Message Does Movie “Grease” Send To Our Youth?

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In January, 2016…a remake of the original film “Grease” was performed live as a TV special on Fox.  I’m sure most of us adults aged 40+ & up, remember the original movie that was released years ago back in 1978.

I remember when I first watched this movie, how in awe I was just watching all the performances.  I enjoyed the singing, the dancing….wow, what a talented cast no doubt!  I was also a true John Travolta fan as well, so I especially LOVED to watch him dance, tremendously! I also remember watching the interesting relationship between the two main characters, “Sandy” & “Danny” unfold…& especially at the end of the movie, when she decides to completely CHANGE her personality & outward appearance with the hopes of winning Danny’s undivided affection & acceptance.  I remember even as a kid thinking….“Uhhh, something seems OFF here.”

Is this a HEALTHY approach in a relationship?  I personally feel unless it is for the BETTER…like stopping negative, destructive behaviors that will cause harm to you, as well as others, that this is a NO, NO.

I also think that this sends a negative message to young girls & boys, our Future Leaders. Trying to change who you are to please someone else, at the cost of LOSING who YOU really are, does not sound like a sound, healthy relationship to me, not only pertaining to the personal areas of your life, but in business relationships as well.

What do YOU think?



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