How To Create a Miniature Family Garden

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Here’s a fun spring garden project I came across that the whole family can enjoy, even the kids! Using small plants to make a miniature garden fires the imagination and reduces the garden to a child’s scale.  Adding small furniture, plastic farm or jungle animals, fairies, or dinosaurs bring the scene to life.



1)  Add Gravel to Garden Tray to Aid in Drainage

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Choose a large, shallow tray, such as a seed tray, or whatever container you will use. If there are no holes in the base, you will need to make some using a drill or sturdy pair of scissors. To aid drainage further, add coarse sand or gravel. – See more at:



2)  Spread Compost Layer Over Gravel in Tray

Fill the container with compost to about 1¼ in (3 cm) below the rim, carefully keeping the gravel evenly spread. Once it is full, position the major features, such as large pebbles and rocks or homemade fences and buildings. – See more at:



3)  Arrange Landscape


Arrange your plants while still in containers, also deciding where best to position your animals, tiny furniture…etc.  Think about other props you might want to use, such as rocks and pebbles. Give all the plants a good soak before planting. – See more at:



4)  Plant Your Miniature Garden

Image: pinkandgreenmama.blogspot

Plant up your miniature garden. A good plant for linking your chosen small plants is the tiny-leaved Soleirolia soleirolii (mind-your-own-business), which makes an excellent “lawn.” – See more at:



5)  Tip For Success: Use Gravel Over Compost to Conserve Moisture

Gravel spread over the compost will help to conserve moisture in the summer. You might also choose to use it as a path meandering through your chosen landscape. – See more at:


Spring Greens: Great Salad Recipes



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Spring is here to stay!  Woo hoo! It’s a gorgeous day out, more trees are blooming with florals & I’m excited!  Ok, ok, I’m calming down…breathe…back to the subject at hand. Now that spring has ‘sprung’ more green veggies are available for the taking & I have just the thing to add a little ‘spring’ to your menu 🙂


1) Avocado Fruit Salad

Avocado Fruit Salad combines avocado, fruit, and mint for a fresh spring salad. It pairs wonderfully with chicken salad, ham or (turkey) biscuits, and cheeses.


2) Ginger-and-Lemon Fruit Salad

Adding honey, lemon juice and fresh ginger to your fruit salad gives it extra flavor and zest. Mix in a large bowl and let guests serve themselves.


3) Apple-Pear Salad With Lemon-Poppy Seed Dressing

Cashews, cranberries, and paper-thin shavings of Swiss cheese bring a triple hit of fast flavor to this crisp spring salad.  Can be paired with Lexington-Style Grilled Chicken and Bacon-and-Mushroom Wild Rice.


4) Spinach Salad with Goat Cheese and Walnuts

You can find spinach year-round at most grocery stores, but the tender green peaks in freshness during the spring. Skip the saute pan for a change, and serve fresh spinach in its tender uncooked state with a red wine vinaigrette, chunks of tangy goat cheese and toasted walnuts. (Can omit nuts if allergic) Add some grilled chicken for a simple yet balanced weeknight dinner.