On The Move! 5 Easy Ways To Keep Kids Active


When kids are young toddlers, it seems getting them to be active is the LEAST of your worries…it’s usually the opposite right?  “Stop running!”  “Please, sit down.” They could hardly sit still without popping up or jumping around the room.  But, we now live in a remote controlled, “right now,” world of convenience.  And as they age, with all of the savvy, tech gadgets that are designed to make life so much easier & faster, can sometimes cause us to get in a bit of a rut & basically, a little sluggish.  Here are some tips to help the kids & the family as a whole, keep things moving 🙂

1)  Get everyone involved      

At the end of the day, when everyone is done with homework & dinner, instead of plopping on the couch to watch TV, or to check the iPad…head outside to take a walk, or bike ride.  If school is out…even better!  You can spend even more time outdoors, especially with the extended hours of daylight 🙂 

2)  Try to get in 60 min daily     

Kids need at least a good 60 min of exercise a day to help to support strong healthy bones & muscles.  Running, fast walking, or jumping rope, are great ways to stay fit & healthy. Playing in the yard or at the park are also simple options. If you have a pet, like a dog, taking the dog for a walk or jog is an excellent option for some good cardio!

3)  Sign up for a class or activity    

I remember vividly, taking the kids to various classes & activities while on Nanny duty. Soccer, Tennis & Basketball, are all great options to keep the kids on the go!  Of course, it helps to pick something your kids will be interested in & enjoy, so they will want to continue doing it 🙂

4)  Playing Wii Sports 

Did I really say that?  Oh yes, I did!  Okay, it doesn’t have to be Wii, I mean there are so many various game options out these days, Xbox, Playstation…etc…the point is, they actually have a lot of great, active games, that you are FORCED to move while playing!   I should know, per while on Nanny duty, I went home several nights with an aching back or throbbing arms from playing virtual tennis & baseball with the kids! It’s really like the real thing, it’s pretty cool, you literally have to move your body & swing as if you’re really holding a bat or tennis racket. Even to bowl, you have to swing your arms to throw the ball. You can even race & jump virtual hurdles!

5)  Making It Fun

Kids love to compete & play games, so exercising can be both! While at the store or mall…race to the door, or race back to the car (safely of course).  You can even invest in a tracker or pedometer, so they can keep up with their own steps. You can also come up with some of your own activities too, that you think you & your family will enjoy…just get moving!   Well, that’s it for now, until next time, take care…”Toodles!”