We Can Choose

“Don’t let the difficulties of your life change your goals, because achieving your goals can change your life.”―  Anurag Prakash Ray


I can choose to look at a glass as half empty or half full

Every circumstance I face…can either help me stretch, or I can resist the pull

I can either face my obstacles, or I can flee

Make the most of the day, or wallow in self-pity

I can choose peace, inspire others, encourage & ignite

Or,  I can choose war, create chaos, stir anger & strife

I can choose to be driven by lust, selfishness & greed

Or,  I  can choose to share, love & assist others in need


So, what will it be?  Which pathway will you choose…

I choose…. to be Enlivening

What  about  YOU?

©2016  J.L Hunt



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