New Blog Post Schedule

Calendar with pushpins

Hello everyone!  I’ve updated my posting schedule so you’ll know what to look forward to on a weekly basis…& it is my pleasure to do so! ❤ ❤  It’s also now listed in my above menu as well.  I truly appreciate your interest in my articles, & look forward to providing you with even more interesting content. Enjoy! 🙂

Motivational Monday


I will be posting motivational or inspirational content…such as a short article, quote or a poem


Wacky Wednesday !


I will be posting anything interesting or unusual to spark a conversation, or just a laugh 🙂


Wishful Wednesday


I’m also adding, “Wishful Wednesday”… for a mid-week motivational boost, which includes content I find inspiring & uplifting that’s short & sweet, such as a simple photo or quote

Fun Friday!


I will be posting fun activities or fun videos to kick-off the weekend…Starting tomorrow! Yay! 🙂


Tuesdays & Thursdays  – are freebies.  I may discuss any random topic (e.g. Helpful tips, current events…etc) or, I may not post on these days…(Have to allow myself a breather 🙂 )

Also, If you’d like to read more on a particular topic…please leave a comment or just contact me via email at  Thanks so much! 🙂


3 thoughts on “New Blog Post Schedule

  1. Nice schedule and great topics for the chosen days. I did something similiar but only dedicade one day to quotes… rest is random stuff.

    I did it as i read uts a good idea for the follower etc… not sure if it makes a diff.. but it works for as i was strughling to blog daily..

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