Motivation Monday – What Is Your Passion?

What types of things & activities do you enjoy?  What makes you happy? Many of us may spend the majority of our lives going to jobs we’d prefer not to do, & participating in activities & functions just to please other people.  Why is this?  Why do we deprive ourselves & hold back when it comes to our own dreams & desires?  Let’s probe a little further.

I think I can answer this question for most people.  Some will say, well, I didn’t want to hurt the other person’s feelings by saying no…or, I can’t make a living doing what I really like…or, I don’t know what I really want to do. Let me just tell you right now…ANYTHING is possible. Any situation you are in right now, can be changed.  Now, it may not happen overnight obviously, it may take some work & effort on your part, but it can be done.

First off, you should start by making a list of the things you really like to do. If money was of no object, what would you be doing right now?  What gets you excited when you talk about it, or think about it?  Do you get compliments from strangers, as well as friends & family pertaining to your area of interest or talent?

(Note: If you auditioned for American Idol years ago & were told by ALL 4 judges, that you have NO singing talent, this doesn’t apply to you! Unless you’re now willing to admit you need to discover your true talent 🙂 ) (LOL)

  • Start with baby steps.  I’ve been writing for years, but felt too overwhelmed & ill-equipped to actually publish a book.  I would get tons of compliments on my poetry & other writings, until finally…I just decided to get off my derriere & look into it.  Now, some years ago this would have been a much more strenuous task, but thank God for modern technology! After starting to do the research online & becoming more comfortable with the process, I came across a plethora of self-publishing companies & programs all for the taking.  Most of them were very affordable & would allow you to work at your own pace. Long story short, I published my first two children’s books  back in the spring of this year! Had I sat back & continued to listen to the negative voices in my head tell me, ‘you can’t do this & you can’t do that’, nothing would have been accomplished, including starting this blog! Oh, the excuses I would come up with! 🙂
  • Even if you can’t do it full-time, spend a few hours a day honing & sharpening that skill or talent…whatever it is.
  • Do some research, think outside the box…come up with ways you can implement this passion more into your daily living, little by little. Even if you have to volunteer your services somewhere first.  Eventually, you will be able to make it your main source of fulfillment, as opposed to a side job.  It’s time to live your best life, not to please everyone else, but for YOU.  And after you do, you’ll be a happier you. 🙂

The point is, at the end of the day YOU are the only one that knows what you’re good at & what you really enjoy doing.

So, what are you waiting for?  Get up & get going! The world is waiting for you & your special talents & gifts…so, LIGHT IT UP! 🙂

Here’s a song that’s been out a while, but fits perfectly for this topic & to help stir you up…”True To Your Heart”, By 98°Degrees & Stevie Wonder…(which you can apply to your life as a whole, not just relationships)  Enjoy! 🙂





9 thoughts on “Motivation Monday – What Is Your Passion?

  1. What a wonderful message! I rediscovered my passion for writing last year, with a lot of the thinking you described in your post. And though sometimes I wonder if I’ll reach my goal of publishing novels, I simply LOVE creating/writing in every spare moment that I have. And I love that song – I remember it well!


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