Fun Friday – Fall Bucket List!

Colorful autumn maple leaves

Happy Friday everyone 🙂  Hope you’ve had a pleasant week.  Today, is the LAST day of September.  I know, its zooming isn’t it?  Well, today I’ve come up with an idea to post a list of fun fall activities that you can track every Friday.  I’ll check off what we’ve already covered…& pick something else on the list each Friday leading up to the end of October.  How does that sound?  I hope you like the idea.  And of course its Football season, so this can be included at some point as well 🙂  Now, we may or may not, cover everything on the list, or I may add some extra things not on it, if something else catches my fancy…so, we’ll see how it goes.  As always, you are free to share your thoughts in the comments. 🙂

Now, last week we discussed caramel apples….so, I went ahead & checked that off, as well as the apple picking.  So, today………I think it’s time to go to the pumpkin patch!  Now, it’s a bit early to try to carve them out…(for those who are into that), but its perfect timing to start using them to decorate around the house to add that festive fall touch.  And what’s more fun than the kids running around helping to pick out the biggest ones.  So, let’s go!

If a pumpkin is healthy when picked and disease free, an un-carved pumpkin can last 8 to 12 weeks.  Once carved, they don’t fare as well; they last about five to 10 days. (If treated may last a little longer) The best storage temperature for pumpkins ranges between 50° to 55° degrees to ensure longevity.

So, let the creative juices start to flow.  You can paint them, add stickers to them, in addition to that, eat them!…(But, we’ll save that for another post 🙂 ) Oh, wait…I know…how about we throw in a hayride?  Might as well combine the two right?  Aw, come on…the kiddies will love it!

Well, that about wraps it up for today.  Have fun pumpkin pick’n & enjoy your hay ride…Giddy-up! “Toodles!” 😉

5 thoughts on “Fun Friday – Fall Bucket List!

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  2. Heelllloooo!<3
    I would like to say that I love reading your posts and I have nominated you for an award! More Info on my latest post.

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