Motivation Monday -True Power


Hello everyone, Happy Monday.  Hope you had an enjoyable weekend.  Not only are we in a new season, but now a new month…October is already here. Now, I have a question for you…Who would you consider powerful?


The other day I was browsing online & I happened to catch an article write-up on women, & the subject of Kim Kardashian came up.  Now, I’m sure most of us have had our fill with the Kardashians…so please bear with me. 🙂  (Actually, after I already posted this, I heard she was just recently robbed, so I’m glad she’s ok.)   Now, in the previous article I read that had posted several mos ago…the author, basically commended her business savvy & ventures, & sense of fashion. They went on to especially make mention of her boldness to openly expose herself & embrace her body image, & praised her for it.  They also referred to her as a “strong, powerful, woman.” I found this topic to be quite interesting & felt compelled to expound on it more.

Now, I’m all for girl power, & women’s recognition.  Which is why I wrote a children’s book catering to young girls.  I’m an advocate for independence & equality in the workforce, in the entertainment industry, & becoming savvy entrepreneurs.  I have no issue with it. But, when you want to give someone accolades for taking naked, uncensored selfies, (emphasis on SELF-ies) I’m going to have to hold back my applause.

“Confidence, NOT cockiness.  Knowing who you are is confidence, cockiness, is knowing who you are & pushing it down everyone’s throat.”- Mila Kunis


Women have been showing skin for decades.  The point is…it’s TRITE & TIRED.
Is this what we want to be known for?  Isn’t that part of the problem? People talk about how unfair society is when it comes to judging how we look & our body types. YET, some of us flaunt our bodies around & wonder why no one sees us for anything outside of our physical attributes.

It’s 2016, I’d like to think we as women can show more for ourselves than flaunting our chests & how much ‘junk we have in the trunk’  Don’t you think?

Is there any surprise pornography is out of control? Is there any surprise strip clubs & playboy magazines are at an all time high? It’s staggering.

People want to blame men for looking & going to these places, but if we as women would refrain from exposing ourselves in this manner, the men would no longer have anything to look at in the first place.

Whatever you FLAUNT is what will get people’s attention.  If you want to be known for brains & talent then FLAUNT it.  However, if you’re flaunting your body parts MORE than anything else…don’t question why people will not think more highly of you.


Let’s set our heights a little higher shall we?  Let’s strive to uplift & inspire someone else. A brilliant trailblazer, using our minds & wit. The truth is, we as women are very powerful & influential, & there’s nothing wrong with being proud of our physical beauty, but we have to use our influence more wisely…& let our intellect & accomplishments speak Louder.

Let’s strive to be another Maya Angelou, Oprah Winfrey, Late Princess Diana, Audrey Hepburn, Coco Chanel, Martha Stewart, Mother Teresa, & Hillary Clinton. Or better yet, greater!  And that’s just a few of the great women & business women of our time, regardless of what you may personally think of them.  I mean think about it. Whether you like Hillary or not, she has already made history, she’s the first female presidential nominee…which is absolutely outstanding, now that’s an achievement!


Here’s a poem I wrote, let me put it to you this way…


I can be just as fierce in a business suit,

as an oversized sweater & jeans…

I can walk down the street in a full length coat

& get heads to turn to look at me. (And I have 🙂 )

WHY? Because my inner-self is speaking for me,

Speaking for me, loud & clear.

Knowing my self-worth from the Father above,

Gives me assurance, so no reason to fear.

Knowing that I’m loved every second, minute & every hour…

And that, Ladies & Gentlemen… is what I call…TRUE POWER ❤  ©J.L.Hunt


So, blast the ENTIRE essence of you. You’re Fierce!  Release your True Power. Use it where it Counts!  Here’s a song to help get you stirred up by Katy Perry called, “Roar”  Enjoy!

26 thoughts on “Motivation Monday -True Power

  1. I simply wished to appreciate you once more. I am not sure the things that I might have accomplished without the thoughts shared by you over such a area. This was the frightening dilemma for me, but taking a look at this professional fashion you dealt with it made me to jump with joy. I will be thankful for your help and hope that you know what a powerful job you were carrying out teaching men and women all through your web blog.

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  3. Well articulated. I despise the objectification and would rather be known for my confidence, my intelligence and what I have to offer as a productive member of the larger society. I am beautiful and don’t need showing anyone my nakedness to affirm that.

  4. A fabulous post and I couldn’t agree more. Somewhere along the line some people seem to be losing their sense of ‘inner value’… I’m so pleased when I read a post like this which serves to remind us what inner strength we can reveal to the world when we try.. Thank you! x

  5. I love this! I despise the media and certain “celebrities” for the manufactured society and ideals thet have helped create!

  6. Well said. Actually, I made a decision recently to go for beauty in modesty, mostly because I believe that beauty truly must shine from within. Anyone can show off her physical features; a whole woman incorporates everything into one person.

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