Three Ways To Save Money and Cut Your Cable Bill This Fall

The holidays are right around the corner…with these helpful tips, you just might be able to spend more, & still stay within your budget! Enjoy! 🙂

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One of most exciting parts of fall is the return of our favorite TV shows. Our excitement dwindles a little after we view our cable bill each month though. Luckily there are several new ways to watch TV without the bill.  Below are just a few ways to get setup and started before your shows start!

1005736_559567-end-of-free_quinHulu Plus

One of the early ways to cut cable is still the best. With Hulu you get access to shows networks like NBC, FOX, and even Comedy Central. While you wont’ be able to watch new episodes the day that they air, they are available next day for viewing. You can also watch them on your phone, tablet or computer. At only 7.99 a month it’s a great alternative to a cable bill. You can also pay a little more to go commercial-free.

playstation-vue-screenshot-05_1920Playstation Vue

One of the newer options comes from Sony available…

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