Fun Friday – Cool Fall Kid Party Ideas

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(Whew!) Happy Friday everyone. (Sigh) I’m afraid I’m not completely myself today…so, I hope you’ve had a good week. Don’t worry…I’m still functional 🙂

So, what shall we pick for today? Hmmm…choices, choices!  Ok, how about we plan a fall kid’s party!  Yep, it’s not on the bucket list, but I did leave myself room to think outside of the box, so I think this is a good activity choice 🙂

Now, I don’t personally care for Halloween, but I do enjoy fall, so this is an alternative for those who also don’t care for the scary, themed party scene, but would like the kids to still have fun. We’re on a short time schedule, so you don’t want to wait till the last-minute to send out invites, so let’s get crackin’ 🙂  

Kids Circus Party

Forget haunting ghouls and spooky ghosts – fun is in the air at this party. Blending the best parts of country fairs, carnivals, & circuses will show a lighter, brighter side at this fall party. Bring all the fun of the big-top to your child’s fall party this year. Printable downloads make it simple to set the scene with colorful cake toppers, animal-adorned invites, kitty cat croquet, & banners galore. Delicious carnival-theme treats are the finishing touch.  Just don’t include the scary clowns!


Kids Hollywood Party

Who is your child’s favorite film or tv character?  Well, prepare to walk the red carpet! Invite guests to dress like movie stars  or their favorite TV characters, & host an Oscars-style gala in their honor.  Host a talent show & give out treats & awards.  Everyone will have fun with this theme…children & adults! 😉


Colorful Harvest Party

Celebrate the fall season with a get-together for all ages. Cozy details, such as pumpkin centerpieces and delicious autumn dishes, make this party easy to plan and even easier to enjoy. A unique color palette and harvest-theme accents make this party a standout soiree.  You can also use some of the decor for Thanksgiving too. Green, white, and brown mixed with the traditional orange for a cheerful party setting. Plenty of sweets and fun decorations are sure to enchant and delight guests.

Now, I can’t let you host a harvest party without some carved pumpkins too…so, how about a few more cool, decor tips?


Pumpkin Etching Templates

Fall pumpkinideas (2)

Etching will leave an artful design on your pumpkin. The technique allows your pumpkin to last longer and is less messy than traditional carving.


Celestial Pumpkin

Pumpkin Carving Ideas

Now admit it…this is cool! Add twinkle to your fall nights with these magical pumpkin lanterns. Instead of carving traditional faces, drill tiny holes into each pumpkin. Use strings of tiny white lights to illuminate the pumpkins, creating star-studded globes, sure to delight the neighbors & your guests


Translucent Pumpkins

As opposed to the traditional ghastly jack-o’-lantern faces, you should consider the more subtle glow of an elegant monogram 


Ok, so where does that leave us now?  We’ve already completed quite a few activities on our fall bucket list…lets take a look…

Colorful autumn maple leaves

I took the liberty of checking off football, per I’m sure most of you have been watching or going to the games as soon as the season started, several weeks ago. 🙂

So, we’ve gathered our pumpkins, we have made our caramel apples & even went on a hayride!  Last week I shared some really awesome no-carved pumpkin ideas…which covers the leaf craft project that’s checked off…& now, carved pumpkins can be checked off.

As a reminder, you don’t have to use real pumpkins, you can always buy artificial ones to carve out, or already pre-carved, which would last not only through Thanksgiving, but for a lifetime!

I do hope you’ve enjoyed all of the party & pumpkin ideas.  So, enjoy your weekend & get your party planning on!😀 Until next time, “Toodles!”


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