3 Day Quote Challenge

Happy Saturday everyone.  I hope you’re enjoying your day.  I have some fun news…I’ve been chosen  for the 3 Day Quote Challenge. 🙂 I first want to thank theutopiauniverse.com for choosing me to participate.  It’s a wonderful blog, so I strongly encourage you to visit.

So, this is how it works…I will be posting 3 quotes for the next 3 days, & nominating 3 additional blogs, each of the 3 days.

For today’s 3 quotes, the subject matter will be regarding, Rest & reflection. Per sometimes when everything around is going haywire, we just need to slow down to realign our compass.





I hope you enjoyed that 🙂


Now, my 3 blog nominations are…





Rules For Nominees:  As you know, you are under no obligation to participate in this challenge…If you do,

Thank the person who nominated you,

Post 3 quotes, 3 days,

Nominate 3 blogs each day.  


Enjoy the rest of your Saturday 🙂


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