Fun Friday – Giant Leaf Pile!

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It’s Friday…Yay!  Well, it’s the LAST Friday of October, can you believe it? So, get a rake & gather up some leaves for some leaf-jumpin fun! 🙂

And, this also wraps up our bucket list for the month of October.  We didn’t cover everything on the list, but that’s ok, per I did mention previously that we probably wouldn’t….but, I think we still chose some pretty cool activities, right? 😉

Colorful autumn maple leaves

I also went ahead & checked off the apple cider, per I’m sure the kids will be quite parched after playing in all the leaves! So, Enjoy your weekend!  Oh, & for those who plan on trick-or-treating this upcoming Monday, you can check this off too. So, Be Safe…..& Have fun!  “Toodles!” 😊



5 thoughts on “Fun Friday – Giant Leaf Pile!

  1. Great video, it brings to mind when I grew up in New York and that was the fun part of raking leaves. In those days, meaning the 40’s and 50’s our dad’s used to burn the leaves after we were all done playing in them. I used to love the smell of burning leaves. Thanks for the memories. :o)

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