Motivation Monday – Decision Time

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It’s Monday.  One day before the U.S. election. (Sigh), ( Extra Sigh) 😳

Well, it’s now or never folks.  It’s time to make your voices heard. So, I’m going to keep this post short & sweet under the circumstances.

To be honest, I don’t care for either candidate, but a decision must be made. So, I ask that you…

  • Carefully consider the ripple effect of your vote for years to come, not just who you think you may or may not personally like.
  • Try to focus on the platform & the issues represented by each candidate, & base your decision on what type of livelihood, & which freedoms will be upheld, or may no longer be an option as a result.
  • Think long & hard about the staff members each will appoint (Such as the possible supreme court appointees by each candidate & their views)

Our country was built on our Constitution & Bill of Rights, to uphold its value & standards…Will this be protected?  Will this be upheld?

Lastly, after weighing the pros & cons, vote according to what YOU think is best.  Not your neighbor, not the media, YOU.



3 thoughts on “Motivation Monday – Decision Time

  1. OMG. Worst election, EVER. I’m so sad that these have become our best “choices”… You’re right on though – we all need to educate ourselves and do what we believe it right..not just what the media says “everyone else” is doing. The media lies, anyway.

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