Fun Friday – 5 Best Holiday Meal Prep Hacks Ever

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Hello all, Happy Friday.  Some may still be recovering from the election results, but personally, I’m just ready to move on.  I think we should try to stay hopeful, & focus our energy on something more positive, & what better way than the upcoming holiday.

Thanksgiving is coming up fast…& I have just the thing to help you pull everything off like a champ.   Enjoy 🙂

Thaw your turkey the weekend before.  Put it in the fridge, per it takes a few days for it to fully thaw out, so you should get that started & out of the way first

The night before set your table.   Have it all beautifully done…if you just focus on the table by itself, it’s a more pleasurable task.  Less hassle!

Fall Dining Room Table Decor and Inspiration

-The next day you cook.  Start cooking after breakfast, & you should invite your guests to come around  3 O’clock, to sit down at 4 PM. (Gives you plenty of time to get things done)

Have your guests bring the side dishes.  So, you can just focus on cooking the turkey,  gravy & stuffing, & maybe only one side.  If your guests will bring all the other sides & the dessert…then you don’t have to cook as much food.  Less prep-time & less stress!

Light appetizers.  Since your guests will be waiting for a bit, serve something light such as a fruit tray or veggie tray, so as not to spoil their appetite for the main course



Enjoy!  Sit down & have your meal, voila! Depending on where you live, you can sit down by 4 PM, & still have time to go out & walk it off before dark, if temps are mild enough.(Win-win!)

Now, as I stated last Friday, when we started our thankful tree, I’d be asking for what you’re thankful for…thru next week.

So, what ARE you thankful for today?  (Please leave your comments!) 🙂



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