Wishful Wednesday – Thankfulness


Whew!  Halfway through another week. Can you believe, Thanksgiving is next week? Wow, this year is really going 100 miles an hour it seems. With life’s uncertainties, & issues possibly in your own lives, it’s easy to not feel content because of things that didn’t go the way we’ve planned. Perhaps you’re going through the worst time ever, or maybe you’re not personally going through turmoil right now, but may know someone else who is.

So, my wish for you today is….Be Thankful.

Try to embrace what you DO have.  Think about one thing that you’re grateful for & that you enjoy.  A good way to get your mind off your own woes, is to find someone else you can do something for.  Give & volunteer your time…find ways to brighten someone’s day, it can be as simple as making conversation.  If everything’s good with you, great!…All the more reason to show your thankfulness by finding ways you can uplift & support someone else.  Look towards the future with optimism & a grateful heart ❤


10 thoughts on “Wishful Wednesday – Thankfulness

  1. I saw your link over at The Teller’s Tales and thought I would drop by! What a beautiful message of pure gratitude in the midst of the rush!

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