Fun Friday – Must See Creative Table Decor To Wow Your Guests

Fall Dining Table | Indeed Decor

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Happy Friday! Well, how are you? Do you have all of your Thanksgiving preparations ready? Well, I have some great ideas to help present your meal with some extra pizzazz. Enjoy! 😊


Flaming Foliage Candle holders

Give colorful fallen leaves one last chance to shine…or glow, by repurposing them as decorations on glass candle holders.  Dress up inexpensive glass candle holders with real fall leaves.  The kids will have fun helping to gather leaves for this craft.


Kernel Candles

This idea, again…only requires a couple of glass candle holders, or you could even use your own large drinking glasses.  Add some un-popped popcorn kernels & a pillar candle of your choice. Surround the outside of the glass with nuts or leaves…voila!


Glass Bowl Leaf Candles


A beautiful, simple way to embrace fall’s beauty. A glass bowl filled with an array of colored leaves with candles. You can also use flame-less candles to avoid any mishaps.



Mayflower Ship Place cards

ship place card

Photo: Andrew Ingalls

Really neat huh?  The pilgrims had a long voyage before hosting their first Thanksgiving. Luckily, your guests only need walk to the dinner table for the feast 🙂  These paper ships double as both place cards and an easy way to serve dry snacks like popcorn, nuts, and dried fruit. Perfect for the kids table! You’ll hit a home run with the kids with this one…believe me 🙂


Great ideas right?  Now, as I stated a few weeks back, every Friday up to Thanksgiving, I’d be asking  what you’re thankful for, & today is the last Friday before Thanksgiving.

So, what are you thankful for today?  (Please leave your comments)



16 thoughts on “Fun Friday – Must See Creative Table Decor To Wow Your Guests

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  2. Wow, those are amazing! I’m thankful for seeing this post and getting some ideas for next fall (as it is spring here now…). I hope you will share some similar ideas for Christmas too 🙂

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  3. aww super cute ideas! I love stuff like this! Right this moment I am thankful for my soft liddle weenie dog curled up against my leg sound asleep under the covers! Thank you for asking! Have a great holiday week! XO!

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