Tis The Season – 5 Reasons Why Books Make Great Children’s Gifts

A Book Is A Gift You Open Again & Again” –  Garrison Keillor


Due to the fact today is the kick-off for the Christmas holiday season, I decided to tweak my traditional Friday post.

As some of you may or may not know, in addition to writing for my blog, I am also a children’s book author.  As you know, this is the season for giving & gifting, so I wanted to encourage you to consider gifting a child with a book this season. Whether you have young children or not, you probably won’t have to look very far to find someone who does…which can include…grandchildren, nieces, nephews, neighbors, or even the children of your close friends & co-workers.

For those who are teachers, I’m sure you already know the many benefits that reading has on a child.

Summary Of My Books:

Sadly, we live in a very biased, shallow based society.  That is just the reality we have been forced to deal with. So, that being said, I currently have two children’s books, “Beautiful Boy” & “Beautiful Girl,” in which I was inspired to write, to combat the superficiality of society, by helping give children a sense of pride & self-worth. I specifically wrote them for this purpose. My goal is to inspire every child that reads them, & that hopefully, it will generate a future of bright, confident, self-loving adults that will help make this world a better place for generations to come.😊

They are cute, inspiring, picture books, now available in paper back &  ebook copies on  Amazon  & also Amazon UK , & will make great gifts for families with youngsters (2yrs-7yrs), or as an added addition to your own children’s book collection.  Even if you somehow don’t know anyone with children, you can even purchase to donate to a library or a school…your options are limitless!


Bboy Cover 3D mockup1


Bgirl 3Dd




So, go ahead … gift someone 

You’re not only gifting them with a book, you’re gifting them with Power & Freedom… the power of knowing their true value…which gives them freedom to LOVE themselves… which is the premise of Everything they will futuristically be, which is the Greatest gift you can give. ❤

In the spirit of giving…Please also SHARE & Feel Free To REBLOG  🙂


9 thoughts on “Tis The Season – 5 Reasons Why Books Make Great Children’s Gifts

  1. Food for thought. i agree 100% henceforth. i am never thinking about other Christmas gifts again. Books it is. We need more people to read and think. Thanks for this inspiring piece.


  2. Books are great presents for people of all ages….but especially children. I remember reading Nancy Drew growing up. I loved that series…I still remember the titles “The Spiral Staircase”…comes to mind, must have been my favorite! I also love your idea of donating them, maybe to shelters too. Thanks for sharing I think you have just inspired me!! Wishing you much success with your books. 🙂

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