Fun Friday – 8 Fun Activities To Entertain Your Toddler When You’re Snowed In

Some great ideas to do with the kiddies 🙂


Well, this is a first. I’m snowed in with my toddler while my husband is off gallivanting. He is duck hunting…having fun I’m sure. And that’s ok. My son and I are making our own fun. We rarely get snow in our part of North Carolina so it’s exciting. Unfortunately we didn’t get as much as expected, but it’s just enough. I’ve had to get creative to keep my little man entertained, because all he wants to do is be outside. Here’s what we’ve been getting into!


Shaving Cream

We got into daddy’s shaving cream. You just give a good spray of shaving cream on a glass door or table, smear it all around and let your little get messy in it! This is a great multi-sensory experience for kiddos. Draw pictures, make letters and write words for a fun and educational time. Shaving cream cleans up easily with dry…

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