Fun Friday – Go Green! How 3 Simple Tips Can Save YOU Some Green

Go Green is a sustainable environmental program to revitalize the Philippine ecosystem and sustain the Philippine fashion accessories industry.  It is an initiative of the Fashion Accessories Manufacturers And Exporters Foundation Philippines, Inc. (FAME Foundation) in partnership with the Department Of Environment And Natural Resources Region VII (DENR-VII).

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Hey, happy Friday.  Last week we celebrated Earth Day as a reminder to everyone how important it is to protect our resources. Well, today is Arbor Day, so in honor to take care of our trees, I have some simple tips that will not only help the planet, but also your pocket-book!


Heat/Air Systems

Did you know that indoor air pollutants are up 100X higher than outside? Yuk! Time to open up some windows! Better indoor air quality keeps the heat & a/c components from dirt & debris.

So keep your systems up to date. Regular heating & a/c tune-ups can save you up to 30% on your energy bills. Upgrading your heat & air systems can save you a whopping 50% on your energy bills! Also, just turning your a/c up by 2º degrees can save energy by 12%!



Now, most of us are already familiar with recycling, per in many states in the U.S. it is now mandatory.  But, did you also know, that recycling just ONE plastic bottle can conserve enough energy to light a 60W light bulb for at least 6 hrs? Recycling 1 ton of paper saves 17 trees & 7000 gallons of water! Trees provide vital protection for the Earth’s topsoil from erosion, oxygen, and homes for wildlife. They are also a renewable resource that provides a variety of materials for building, fuel & office supplies. If we could increase our recycling rate from 35% to 75%, it could create 1.5 million permanent new jobs! Show me the money! If you’re not recycling, that should be enough motivation to inspire you to start…& for others, to take your recycling up a notch!


Buy Smart

Buying only bottled water, should be avoided as much as possible, per it can be expensive.  If you do purchase, make sure you are properly disposing it by recycling! Otherwise, they will just add to the landfills causing more waste.  Buying a home water filter, & also investing in a portable filtered thermos, will save you more money in the long run. Also, try to invest in more natural foods & natural cleaners for your home. Looking for items without the extra additives & extra chemicals, will cut down on the toxicity levels you inhale & ingest, which can save you & your family’s health…which is priceless!

I hope you’ve enjoyed these simple tips that can not only help you individually, but our planet as a whole…& as you know, we’re in this together!😊

Now, do YOU Recycle? Please share any suggestions you have to Go green or what you are doing to personally contribute.


7 thoughts on “Fun Friday – Go Green! How 3 Simple Tips Can Save YOU Some Green

  1. Great post! I have decided to not replace my car and use my bike or public transport instead. I have used natural cleaners for years because I dislike chemicals. I try to do my bit but I’m aware I need to do more. I hate the way we are abusing mother nature, its saddens me alot.

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  2. There is not much that goes to waste over here! Any leftovers get eaten either by my husband and me or by my chickens. I have a bucket in my kitchen for potato peelings and such. If a tree falls over in the grove it gets cut up for firewood and we try to plant a few of them every year.

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  3. Great tips. I’ve been planning on buying a water filter. I also like keeping all of the lights and electronics off or unplugged when not needed. During the day I use re windows to let in more natural lighting and at night just one light on or a lamp when needed

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