Motivation Monday – Are You The ONE?


What did you think of this poem? I’m sure many of you remember the movie, “The Matrix”. If you don’t… you need to look it up & watch it immediately! There were 2 additional sequels…but I loved the first one the best. So basically, the point of the movie was to find the “ONE”.  The ONE who was willing to fight…the ONE who was willing to sacrifice…the ONE who could save the whole world from a life under the control of computerized machines.

You know, most of us think to ourselves…“What can I do? I’m just ONE person”.  Well, Albert Einstein was ONE person…Bill Gates, was ONE person…Oprah Winfrey…Michael Jordan, the list goes on & on…ONE person is plenty!

Instead of looking around for someone else…….BE THE ONE!

Make up in your minds, that YOU will be the one that steps up to the plate…that YOU can make it happen, that even though you can’t do everything, & can’t help EVERYONE…you will make it your goal to make a difference for….SOME-ONE. 😊


9 thoughts on “Motivation Monday – Are You The ONE?

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  2. I love that poem. It is framed in my house. Making a difference is the most important thing we can do. Big or small, we can all do something that makes a difference. It feels so good.

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