Motivation Monday – Shine

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Motivation Monday – Olympic Gold

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“The greatest pleasure in life, is doing what other people say you can’t do”— Walter Bagehot—


You know, I happened to catch some of the Olympic Game’s ending ceremony, & it really got me to thinking.  How did these people get here? It must have taken a whopping amount of time, effort, & perseverance for each of the participants.

The opposition, the resistance, & setbacks some may have faced along the way, yet they ALL arrived at their destination, & earned the opportunity to compete against the best of the best in their respective fields.  What an achievement!

I know most of us think that these people must be special, or have some special ability to achieve what most people just dream of.

Well, the truth is…YES, they are indeed special, but the GOOD news is…so are YOU! At the end of the day, they’re just people.  People that had a goal, & a strong desire to do whatever it took to see it pan out.

So, just remember, that whatever your goal or dream is, don’t just settle…go for the Gold!

Be the Champion in YOU. 😊

Wishful Wednesdays – Celebrate You!(Poem)

“Having a low opinion of yourself is not ‘modesty’, it’s self-destruction.  Holding your uniqueness in high regard is not egotism, it’s a necessary pre-condition to happiness & success” ― Bobbe Sommer

So, my wish for you today is…. A healthy view of YOU


A Healthy View…

Not focusing on all of your flaws & shorts…& what you CAN’T do

Yeah…you’re not perfect, but guess what? The rest of us aren’t TOO….


So, don’t be so hard on yourself, don’t give up when facing doubt….

Whatever your dreams & goals are…you are capable of carrying them out,

You can do this!

The special sauce you need, is already stirring inside you. 

Embrace the wonder & greatness that only you can do…

So, go ahead & celebrate,

Celebrate…YOU! ©J.L.Hunt


This year, it’s time to be your BEST YOU!  Now, take a Selfie! 😉

Monday Motivation – The Good Life

If I’m not careful, I can sometimes be very selfish.  So, I have to intentionally check myself when I’m faced with certain challenges or situations that I may not want to deal with, or just want to drop the ball onto someone else.  I have to put myself in the other person’s shoes & consider the results.  I’m sure many of you can relate! So, what do we do?

Lets make the decision to live the good life by living with good intentions, & to do things with a pure heart. Not just for ourselves, but for our families, our friends, & our neighbors. Not ONLY because it’s Valentine’s this week, or just ON Valentine’s Day, but because we choose to…Everyday!😊

Motivation Monday – Morning Greeting

Wishful Wednesday – Keep Walking


“You learn more from losing than winning…you learn how to keep going.”— Morgan Wooten

We all have gone through ups & downs, heartache & disappointments, at some point in our lives.  We’re in a new year, but for some, it can still be a challenge.

So, my wish for you today is… Keep moving

May you be able to press thru, & not get stalled by the setbacks you may face.😊


For an extra treat, here’s an inspiring song by TobyMac that says to do just that! Enjoy! 😉