Fun Friday – Beautiful Spring Garden Ideas

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Happy Friday, we’ve made it through another week.  Spring is definitely in full swing, so I’ve decided to share these beautiful garden pics, that may help inspire you to get your landscaping & gardening on! Also, if you’re interested in involving the kids with the gardening…click here. Enjoy! 😊



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No grass? No problem. This is an awesome solution for those that lack greenery.



Image: Antiques

This is just gorgeous!




How cozy is this! This is my fav pic. A great way to relax after a long day



Small Garden Gift Ideas #Images1

If you only have a patio or balcony, this simple, yet colorful look works perfectly


Inspired yet? Which pics do YOU like best?  Leave your comments 🙂


Fun Friday – Labor Day Weekend Ideas

Hello everyone, it’s Friday! Whew….I don’t know about you, but I’ve had a very crazy week!  I apologize for this late post, per my computer has been acting up ALL week & I’m just getting things back in order.  I even missed my Wednesday post, but oh well…life happens.  Ok, enough about me, let’s get down to business.  How was your week? I hope it was better than mine. 🙂 Labor Day is coming up, so this is the perfect time for a few quick getaway ideas with the family.


Go To A Water Park

Splish splash!  Depending on where you live, this more than likely may be the last time you & the family may be able to get out & enjoy the warm weather, so let the pool party begin! Even the local pool down the street will suffice, if you can’t get to a major water park, just have fun!


Road Trip!

Now, I am all for going for a drive on the road!  Pack up the bags & head to the next town over to visit with other family & friends, or go on a camping trip. Take a quick getaway to the beach….one last time before the year ends.  Just remember to bring card games & hand-held electronic games to keep down the bickering & conflict in the back seat. 🙂


A Trip To The Zoo

There’s nothing like family bonding while viewing nature’s creatures.  Enjoy the different sites & wonders of our furry & non-furry friends.


Backyard Bash

Maybe you don’t have plans to go anywhere, but you still want to make the most of the weekend.  Ok, just have a party in your own backyard.  You can even invite the friends over for a backyard water balloon fight, or pull out the water sprinklers, if you don’t have access to a pool.  Get out the grill for one last BBQ bash. 🙂

Well, whatever you decide to do, have a fun, safe Labor Day weekend! Until next time, “Toodles!” 🙂

Best End Of Summer Vacation Spots


Hello everyone. 🙂  I hope you all have been enjoying your summer thus far.  It’s hard to believe it’s almost over!  This is outrageous…say it ain’t so!  Well, unfortunately…it is soon winding down & the kids will be going back to school soon.  Bummer!  No, worries…I have some last-minute vacation spots that are sure to help cheer you up. 🙂


Hawaii Trip


Aloha! No one can resist the beautiful sandy beaches of beautiful Hawaii… Check out these deals & jump on it before they get away 🙂


Florida Trip


The land of Mickey Mouse & Shamu, never really has an “off” season, but hotel rates are often around their lowest points of the year at the end of the summer. The reason? With schools nearly back in session, very few families are taking the kids to the Magic Kingdom in August or September. The result? Shorter lines at popular attractions & savings of as much as 50% on Orlando hotels and entertainment.  Yay for you! 🙂


The Caribbean


Got calypso? If summer tanning didn’t pan out, there’s still time. Resorts across the Caribbean and Mexico’s East Coast are offering savings of 50% or more this time of year, as “hurricane season” keeps travelers away. Armed with travel insurance, however, sun-seekers can score a great last-minute deal for all-inclusive resorts and luxury getaways. Also, great fares to Puerto Rico and vacation deals to popular spots such as the Bahamas, Dominican Republic and the Cayman Islands.


The Rockies & Southwest


Postcard-perfect views, luxury resorts, top-rated golf courses and spas … the Western U.S. has a lot to offer, and for savvy  travelers, now’s the time to go! You’ll find Arizona resorts looking to lure back visitors after a hot summer and Colorado resorts attempting to fill room nights before ski season starts. In a few months, prices will double or triple at these resorts.

Well, I hope some of you will be able to take advantage & travel to some of these awesome places, but if not…hey, there’s nothing like a short drive across town, or another cook-out in the backyard!  Bon voyage! Until next time… “Toodles!” 🙂



Beautiful Summer Pics

Hello everyone. 🙂  I love beautiful scenery, so decided to share some of my favorite pics I discovered from across the globe…enjoy!







Also, feel free to share your own summer pics…just post your link in the comments, I’d  love to view them 🙂

How To Create a Miniature Family Garden

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Here’s a fun spring garden project I came across that the whole family can enjoy, even the kids! Using small plants to make a miniature garden fires the imagination and reduces the garden to a child’s scale.  Adding small furniture, plastic farm or jungle animals, fairies, or dinosaurs bring the scene to life.



1)  Add Gravel to Garden Tray to Aid in Drainage

Image: pinkandgreenmama.blogspot

Choose a large, shallow tray, such as a seed tray, or whatever container you will use. If there are no holes in the base, you will need to make some using a drill or sturdy pair of scissors. To aid drainage further, add coarse sand or gravel. – See more at:



2)  Spread Compost Layer Over Gravel in Tray

Fill the container with compost to about 1¼ in (3 cm) below the rim, carefully keeping the gravel evenly spread. Once it is full, position the major features, such as large pebbles and rocks or homemade fences and buildings. – See more at:



3)  Arrange Landscape


Arrange your plants while still in containers, also deciding where best to position your animals, tiny furniture…etc.  Think about other props you might want to use, such as rocks and pebbles. Give all the plants a good soak before planting. – See more at:



4)  Plant Your Miniature Garden

Image: pinkandgreenmama.blogspot

Plant up your miniature garden. A good plant for linking your chosen small plants is the tiny-leaved Soleirolia soleirolii (mind-your-own-business), which makes an excellent “lawn.” – See more at:



5)  Tip For Success: Use Gravel Over Compost to Conserve Moisture

Gravel spread over the compost will help to conserve moisture in the summer. You might also choose to use it as a path meandering through your chosen landscape. – See more at: