Fun Friday – Beautiful Spring Garden Ideas

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Happy Friday, we’ve made it through another week.  Spring is definitely in full swing, so I’ve decided to share these beautiful garden pics, that may help inspire you to get your landscaping & gardening on! Also, if you’re interested in involving the kids with the gardening…click here. Enjoy! 😊



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No grass? No problem. This is an awesome solution for those that lack greenery.



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This is just gorgeous!




How cozy is this! This is my fav pic. A great way to relax after a long day



Small Garden Gift Ideas #Images1

If you only have a patio or balcony, this simple, yet colorful look works perfectly


Inspired yet? Which pics do YOU like best?  Leave your comments 🙂


What Is Good Friday?

Happy Easter Day Cards


Hey all, Happy Good Friday! I’m steering away from my normal post a bit, in recognition of the holiday weekend.  So, best wishes for a wonderful Easter!  Also, for those who would like to know more about WHY we call it Good Friday … & why we celebrate Easter…you’re free to click here to learn more.  Enjoy your weekend! 😊


Fun Friday – How To Easily Create Beautiful No-Dye Easter Eggs

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Hey, happy Friday.  How’s your week been? Wow, I cannot believe it’s already time for Easter! For those of you who still like to get creative this time of year with Easter egg hunts & the whole nine yards….no problemo, I got you covered.  There are some awesome decorative tips that I am just “dyeing” to share with you…so let’s get to it! 🙂


Flower Garden Easter Eggs

Easter Egg display

You can easily mimic springtime flowers with this lovely, decorative tabletop garden. Use leftover 3-D scrapbooking stickers to decorate your Easter eggs, then display in beautiful egg cups. Easy-breezy…just peel and stick!


Gorgeous Glitter Eggs


Aren’t you bedazzled? A bit of glue and colorful glitter are all you need to create these stunning Easter eggs. You can look for glitter in a variety of sizes and colors. Sequins can also add a pop of color and texture to these sparkly jewels for that extra wow factor.


Paper Blossom Eggs

Easter eggs

Too cute! To create these crafty flowers, cut origami paper into a range of different-size squares. Fold the squares and freehand-cut flower patterns of your choice. Using a small paintbrush, apply white glue to the backs of the flowers and adhere to eggs, pressing out excess glue or air bubbles. Cut thin strips of paper to make stems and leaves.


Yellow Washi Tape Tulip Easter Eggs

Isn’t this creative? Yep, no mess or dyes are needed to hatch these clever, floral-inspired eggs. To create the tulip-petal pattern, tear small pieces of yellow washi tape and cover Easter eggs. For the best effect, vary the placement of the tape. Complete the blooms by placing the eggs in cupcake liners with a grass-like print, and for added flair…atop ceramic egg cups or candlestick holders.

I do hope you have enjoyed the tips & will be able to utilize some of them.  Until next time, “Toodles!” 😀


Motivation Monday – Spring!

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Wow, seems like just yesterday that I said…Happy New Year, now it’s already spring!

Happy 1st day of spring everyone! 😀

Fun Friday – Spring Is Here! 5 Great Ideas For Spring Break

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Happy St. Pat’s Day! Well, believe it or not, winter has come & is already on its way out.  It seems to have gone by exceptionally fast this year.  The temps are slowly but surely warming up & tiny buds are beginning to sprout everywhere.  Pretty soon, many schools will be closing, allowing for the majority, a much-needed break. So, what’s on the agenda? No worries,  I’ve come up with a few, great ideas you can utilize for those taking time off.


1)  Take a short trip  

... for a Great Road Trip


Many people schedule their vacation time around the school calendar, so this is an ample time to stretch your legs & get in some sun! You can take a short drive further into town or to the next state over.  Some may have planned months in advance to take plane drips to further destinations, like Florida or to Disney World.



2)  Spend quality time


Even if you don’t go out-of-town, you can still use this time to just hang out & have fun! Plan local activities right in your own town, or better yet, your own yard!  Get outside & play with the kids, play indoor board games & the video game systems too! Go hang out at your favorite restaurant & stay out longer than usual…just to mingle!



3)  Volunteer your time


Some people don’t have the luxury of taking off during spring break with their kids.  If you’re going to be available & know someone who may need help with childcare that week, lend a hand!  Arrange play-dates with the kids. Your neighbor or friend, will be forever grateful I assure you 🙂



4)  Spring Cleaning






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Yes, I know, I know…this one doesn’t sound fun or glamorous, but more than likely needs to be done.  It’s time to clear out all the debris the snow left behind, (depending on where you live) & return to storage, all of the bulky clothing & other excessive items accumulated over the winter months, taking up space.  You can also donate clothing & items that you don’t need, to make room for lighter summer wear & decor that you will swap out. For those with a green-thumb, you may want to whip out the garden tools for some early planting. 🙂



5)   R E S T !  

man resting in hammock


Take some time just to catch your breath!  Enjoy your time with your family, but don’t forget to take some time for yourself too.  Sleep in & do NOTHING, if you so choose.  Sit & watch TV & treat yourself to that extra scoop of ice cream 🙂  Soak in a soothing, warm bath. Re-lax, Re-charge, Re-focus, Re-boost. “Ahhh”… now doesn’t that sound lovely? Lastly, no matter what you choose to do, have a happy & safe spring  va-cay! Until next time…“Toodles!” 😊

WAckY WeDneSdaY – Valentine Riddle


Do you know the answer?  Click to find out! 😀




Also, here’s another laugh….Ha! Ha!