WAckY WeDnedDaY – Silly Gif

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“To thrive in life you need 3 things…a wish bone, a backbone, & a FUNNY bone!” — Reba McEntire


Scary? No Thanks! – Poem

Hey, everyone.  Well, tomorrow is Halloween.  As I have stated in previous posts, I personally don’t care for it, or celebrate it.  So, I decided to change things up a bit by having some fun writing a poem about it.  Enjoy! 😉


Spooky, scary, howlingBOO!

Smoke-filled, darkness?

Not on my list of to-do’s

Things that fright,

And goes bump in the night…

No, sir…not me, I’ll just leave on the lights


Ghosts & signs that say, “Beware”

Uh, uh…don’t ask, don’t even go there!

From house to house, children flood the streets…

For sweets & treats that are fun to eat

And why, I don’t know…seems like such a silly thing,

But Me?

No, thanks!

I’ll be home chillin’…

Watching TV!  © J.L. Hunt


Yes, I do LOVE watching Charlie Brown!  Did you enjoy that?  I hope you liked it. 🙂

Is anyone else planning to stay home & just chill?

And, to add a bit of motivation to your day…for those who are parents taking out the kids, please do remember to take a breather! I know it will be hectic trying to squeeze trick-or-treating into your busy schedules, & trying to have everything run smoothly without any hiccups.

And for everyone else…Lock your doors!  No, I’m just kidding 😉  But again, please remember to be safe everyone, & do enjoy the rest of your Monday. “Toodles!”😊

Wishful Wednesday – The Impossible!

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“To love means loving the un-lovable. To forgive means pardoning the un-pardonable. Faith means believing the un-believable. Hope means hoping when everything seems hopeless.”― Gilbert K. Chesterton


So, my wish for you today is… To do the impossible!

Take a leap! Make the plunge! Regardless of what your circumstances are, no matter how difficult it may seem, may everything line up in your favor. 😊

WAckY WeDnesDaY – Silly Pic



Lesson learned, never leave the kids unattended!😂

Motivation Monday – The Five W’s Of Life

Hey, happy Monday.  While growing up in school, I’m sure most of you remember learning the “Five W’s” of  depicting & researching a story.  Well, I’ve come across a wonderfully, inspiring, philosophy to apply towards life.  Enjoy. 😊

Wishful Wednesday – Letting Go

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 “Throughout life people will make you mad, disrespect you and treat you bad. Let God deal with the things they do, cause hate in your heart will consume you too.”― Will Smith


There will always be someone in our lives, that will greatly disappoint us, or betray our trust.

So, my wish for you today is ….. A healed heart

May you have the ability to release it, & to healthily move on.