Motivation Monday – The Easy Life

When life is easy…

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Ain’t that the truth? It is so much EASIER to just cop-out & react to whatever is going on, instead of taking the time to think things through. GUILTY!  Yes, I’ve fallen for the “Easy” route plenty of times in my lifetime, but I’ve also learned that easy isn’t always best…so now, I’m all about the “Best” way of handling things….which will actually make things “Easier” in the long run. 😊



Abraham Lincoln’s Famous Letter to His Son’s Teacher

In honor of Lincoln’s B-day that was yesterday, here’s a letter that I believe you will find truly inspiring. 🙂


There are great men and women who walk this earth with so much grace, inspiring and empowering millions of people from all over the world to live their lives in ways that bring more love, joy and hope to the world. And Abraham Lincoln was one of those people.

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“Sometimes We Are Taken Into Troubled Waters Not to Drown, but to Be Cleansed.”– Unknown


A great perspective 🙂

A Monologue of the Heart.

Written for and Published in The Seeds 4 Life.

Standing at the shore, waves makes their way to our feet and begin to pull us into life’s waters. Some of us float right in and some are pulled in by its current. 

This pull takes us without asking if we know how to swim. It introduces us to waves, some towering over our heads giving us the anxiety of anticipation – when will they break and crash onto us? And they always do. Come crashing down, pulling us under and turning our world upside down. We flail in darkness desperately looking for the flickering light to guide us to surface so we can breathe.

And that light is always there. Let me assure you. 

It is always there for those who

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Motivation Monday – Broken Ties

“People come into your life for a reason, a season, a lesson”- Dr. D. Ivan Young –

Hello everyone.  It’s a new week & a new season. Can you believe it? Fall is already here.   It seems like time is just flying by.  I have to admit, with the end of the summer season, I took some time to reflect & review.  As a result, my thoughts went to relationships.  Relationships with friends, employers, family…etc.  I began to go over the relationships with people who have been beneficial to me & the ones that have not.

What would be considered a beneficial relationship?

When people …

-Are there for you,

-Have a positive impact

-Are loyal & believe in you.

So, the opposite would be true…

-They are not consistently there for you,

-They do not have a positive impact

-And are not loyal (or have dishonest intentions).

Have you been in a relationship that fell a part? A relationship or friendship that you thought was rock solid & that would stand the test of time?  It’s difficult to endure, yes I know. Sometimes, you feel as if your world will never come back together, things will never be the same.

What did you learn from it?  What did you find out about yourself?

It’s good to give everyone a chance & the benefit of the doubt….it is NOT good to CONTINUE to allow people to stay in your inner circle once you realize they are not beneficial or adding to you.  In the long run, this will only cause more harm than good.

Whether they let you down, or thought you let them down…unfortunately in life, people will leave you, jobs may fire you, & sometimes, you will have to let some people or partnerships go. Some situations are well deserved, others may still be a mystery.   Maybe you will cross paths again, or maybe not, but they’ve served their purpose for the time being.

I’ve experienced relationships that came to an end…from jobs & personal. At the time, I thought the world would come screeching to a halt, & of course it did not, per I’m still here writing you about it!  And usually, the parting of ways would actually work out in my favor, although it wasn’t obvious to me at the time.

Life can be difficult.  You need as much love & support as you can get…you deserve to surround yourself in an environment where supporters are willing to back you up & go the extra mile with you.  You owe it to yourself to have the best life you can have.  Mutual love, understanding, & respect are the only ties that can keep any relationship together… whether friends, family or otherwise.  So, learn from your mistakes.  Surround yourself with positive people & partnerships, per true friends are there for life!

So, if there are some people or situations in your life that you have parted ways with, either past or future,  I want to encourage you today with a short poem to remember…

Be of good cheer & don’t lose heart,

Over relationships that have gone awry…

Keep a pure heart & a good conscience,

And don’t hold any resentments…

It’s a new season & a new day,

New opportunities & friendships are coming your way. 🙂  © J.L.Hunt