Scary? No Thanks! – Poem

Happy Monday, everyone.  Did you have a good weekend?  I hope so. 🙂 Well, today is Halloween.  As I have stated in previous posts, I personally don’t care for it, or celebrate it.  So, I decided to change things up a bit today from my normal Monday post, by having some fun writing a poem about it, so I hope you don’t mind.  Enjoy! 😉


Spooky, scary, howlingBOO!

Smoky, darkness?…Not on my list of to-do’s

Things that fright,

And goes bump in the night…

No, sir…not me, I’ll just leave on the lights


Ghosts & signs that say Beware

Uh, uh…don’t ask, don’t even go there!

From house to house, children flood the streets…

For sweets & treats that are fun to eat

And why, I don’t know…seems like such a silly thing,

But Me?

No, thanks!

I’ll be home chillin’…watching TV!  © J.L. Hunt


Yes, I do LOVE watching Charlie Brown!  Did you enjoy that?  I hope you liked it. 🙂 Is anyone else planning to stay home & just chill?

Please do leave your comments!

And, to add some bit of motivation to your day…for those who are parents taking out the kids, please do remember to take a breather today! I know it will be hectic trying to squeeze trick-or-treating into your busy schedules, & trying to have everything run smoothly without any hiccups.

And for everyone else…Lock your doors!  No, I’m just kidding 😉  But again, please be safe everyone, & do enjoy the rest of your Monday. “Toodles!”😊

Fall Splendor


Fresh, cool breeze…

Crimson leaves,

An array of splendid colors.

Gusts of wind, with sounds of hymns

Flowers fading…

Children waiting,

To jump & play, & splash away…

Into the scattered leaves,

Blown from trees…

For Fall is here. ©J.L.Hunt


#WAckYWeDnesDaY – Silly Poetry

hclubsillyWed (2)

Hello everyone.  For some humor today, I found a silly poem that fits the bill to tickle your funny bone.  Enjoy! 🙂

Excuses, Excuses

It happened just by accident,
I promise that it did.
It opened on its own as it sprung out from where it hid.

It was like that when I got here,
That’s very true you know.
And I’m sorry that it fell and landed right on your big toe!

It happened while my back was turned,
I’m just as shocked as you.
I didn’t see it tumble till it bounced right off your shoe!

So believe me when I tell you,
That’s it’s not to do with me.
Even if the sticky prints match mine, not sure why that might be!

By, Gareth Lancaster ©2013

Alive To Thrive

Motivation Monday (Happy Labor Day!)

“My Mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; & to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, & some style”- Maya Angelou


Live your life to the fullest,

Dream, build, explore…

Live everyday like it was your last,

Live in wonder, seize every open door.

Float & fly, feel the breeze…

Leap, Soar, live & breathe.

Give yourself a jolt…

Take a chance,

Think, move, create…

Enjoy the goodness of life,

Love, laugh, & taste.

So, don’t sit back & let life pass you by…

Per you weren’t created just to live,

You were created to thrive!  ©J.L. Hunt 2016

Click below to enjoy an inspiring song, “Thrive” by Casting Crowns

Beautifully Flawed

Success Inspirers World


Sometimes, I feel as if my imperfections dominate my entire being.  Questioning every decision, every action. (Sigh) It can be quite exhausting.  I also, often get weary with the taunting of waiting.  Waiting for change, waiting for the sun to shine, for the silver lining to make sense of it all.  So, I decided to share this poem in case others can relate.

Cracked & flawed am I, not by any means perfect

I fall & stumble…I ache when wounded.

I bellow out my worrisome woes,

My hurts, disappointments & fears…

The numerous sleepless nights, drowned in a pillow of tears

How long, how long I plea…

Must I endure the stress & strain of my agony

Like a bird with tattered wings I fly,

Lost in the sea of clouds that have overtaken the sky

Longing for the peace & rest that has gone askew…

The solace, strength & safety, that…

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We Can Choose

“Don’t let the difficulties of your life change your goals, because achieving your goals can change your life.”―  Anurag Prakash Ray


I can choose to look at a glass as half empty or half full

Every circumstance I face…can either help me stretch, or I can resist the pull

I can either face my obstacles, or I can flee

Make the most of the day, or wallow in self-pity

I can choose peace, inspire others, encourage & ignite

Or,  I can choose war, create chaos, stir anger & strife

I can choose to be driven by lust, selfishness & greed

Or,  I  can choose to share, love & assist others in need


So, what will it be?  Which pathway will you choose…

I choose…. to be Enlivening

What  about  YOU?

©2016  J.L Hunt