Christmas Wishes

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Christmas is here!

So, be of good cheer!

It’s time to celebrate, for JOY has come…

Enjoy the festivities,

Enjoy the fun!

& Have a Merry Christmas…Each & EVERYONE! ©JLH

Becoming Diamonds

 “The next time you feel slightly uncomfortable with the pressure in your life, remember no pressure, no diamonds. Pressure is a part of success.”― Eric Thomas

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I feel as if I am being “crushed”.  I’m going through some really difficult times in my life right now, & some days are just more challenging to see the light at the end of the tunnel.  So, the other day I decided to distract myself by going to the mall, to try to get my mind off other things.  While walking around looking at various items, my eye caught the most beautiful diamond that was on display. As, I’ve stated before, I LOVE to look at beautiful things, especially things with a little bling!  I remember how it sparkled & shined…it was just amazing.

Have you ever really thought about what it takes to make a diamond?
Most of us just bask in the beauty of things, & do not really take the time to ponder about what happens behind the scenes.
To summarize, a diamond is made from carbon, which has to be under extreme high temperatures of heat & thousands of pounds of pressure in order to form.  There’s an extreme process that has to first take place before you can see the end results of the beautiful rock that draws such eye catching attention in all of its glory.
Hmm…Think about that for a moment.
How many of you feel as if you’re being crushed under the pressures of life?
How many of you are experiencing the high temperatures to the max?
Life knocks you down, kicks you around…& sometimes you feel like if you receive just one more notice or call with disappointing news…you will just Scream!  
Well, I am here to encourage you today, that there is a GEM inside of you! So, stand under the pressure…endure through the high temps of life.  Don’t let go, don’t give up…but go through the process…go through the fire…& come out…Finished, Polished, Shining Brightly for all to see…Show the world…       

YOUR BLING!  (Click below to also hear an inspiring song, “Diamonds” by Hawk Nelson)



Motivation Monday – Growing Pains

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As much as I love to try & experience new things, I really seldom like to feel like I’m not in control when it comes to certain areas of my life. I’d like to share my thoughts with you in case some of you can relate. 🙂


If something appears too stressful or difficult, I tend to shun or shy away from & avoid it as much as possible.  I suppose this is a natural reaction.  A lot of people don’t like to feel out-of-place or out of sorts when it comes to learning a new skill or meeting new people. I have struggled immensely with this, although I think I have improved a lot over the last few years.

I remember back when I was in high school, I took a drama class & was given a scene to carry out in front of the class.  I said my lines with emotion & conviction & was praised overwhelmingly by my teacher at the time.  She also suggested that I try out for a stage play that was coming up, per she felt I was, “that good”.  I remember my exact thoughts…sure, I performed in front of the class & that was scary enough, but on stage? That would be a nightmare!

I wasn’t very talkative, except around my close friends, so the idea of standing in front of the entire school was just TOO much to handle. I immediately tried to make excuses as to why I didn’t think I would be able to follow through & do it, but she wouldn’t take no for an answer & practically drafted me into doing the play.


Long story short, I was great! I received a standing ovation & basically everyone in the school knew my name afterwards.


I  often go back to this memory to get out of my own way when faced with a current new challenge that feels “overwhelming” to me.  Although I still try to sometimes “make excuses”, I’m realizing that some of my best experiences happened after I was willing to step out & try something different or look at something differently.

Yes, life can be disappointing at times & very painful, but also during these times, I think our best selves are being shaped & carved during the process & if you allow it…can eventually blossom to something beautiful. 😊

#MotivationMonday -3 Day Quotes Day 3

Hello All.  How was your weekend?  You know what? I just realized that I’ve been posting literally every day for the  last 7 days! Way more than my usual 3 or 4 weekly posts. But hey, you don’t mind right? Ok, awesome 🙂

Today, is the LAST day of the 3 day quote challenge. Wow…it’s gone by so quickly! So, I’ve decided to just combine it with my Motivational Monday post to keep it simple.  Again, I’d like to thank for nominating me for this challenge, it’s been truly enjoyable. 🙂

So, for today my focus will be on… Life




Yes, life is meant to be lived! Seize every moment. 🙂

Mission accomplished! So, how did I do? I hope you’ve enjoyed last 3 days of wonderful, inspiring quotes. 🙂  Oh…I almost forgot about the nominees.

Ok, so today’s final 3 nominees are…


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So, congrats to all of the final nominees & enjoy the rest of your Monday, “Toodles!” 🙂



3 day Quote Challenge Day 2

Happy Sunday everyone.  How are ya?  I hope you’re having an enjoyable, restful weekend 😉 Well, today is day two of the 3 day quote challenge. So for today, I will be focusing on pursuing your goals & dreams. Enjoy! 🙂





So, what do you think? I hope you were inspired 🙂


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Enjoy the rest of your Sunday! 🙂


3 Day Quote Challenge

Happy Saturday everyone.  I hope you’re enjoying your day.  I have some fun news…I’ve been chosen  for the 3 Day Quote Challenge. 🙂 I first want to thank for choosing me to participate.  It’s a wonderful blog, so I strongly encourage you to visit.

So, this is how it works…I will be posting 3 quotes for the next 3 days, & nominating 3 additional blogs, each of the 3 days.

For today’s 3 quotes, the subject matter will be regarding, Rest & reflection. Per sometimes when everything around is going haywire, we just need to slow down to realign our compass.





I hope you enjoyed that 🙂


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Enjoy the rest of your Saturday 🙂