Motivation Monday – Self-Worth: What is it and 5 tips to having more of it

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Self-worth is the “sense of one’s own value or worth as a person.” It’s closely related to self-esteem, which is “a realistic respect for a favorable impression of oneself.” Self-esteem is feeling good about yourself. Self-worth includes this, but there is more to it. With self-worth, you not only feel good about yourself, but you also understand your value and worth.

Your Self-Worth

Every single person on Earth is valuable and has worth. What do you do with items that are not valuable or have no worth in your home? You push them aside in your garage or your secret junk pile hiding place until you are ready to either throw them out or give them to a thrift store. What if you lost your self-worth? You would probably want to hide behind nothing positive, and you would feel like garbage. How can you function, be…

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Fun Friday – Spring’s Finest Hurrah!

Hey, happy Friday!  As the saying goes, “April showers brings May flowers”….so, I wanted to share some beautiful spring photos that captured spring at its peak, especially the floral trees & bushes, before the month of May ends, & summer officially hits. Enjoy! 😊













spring-flowers wallpaper






Breathtakingly Gorgeous!

Wishful Wednesday – Blowing Winds

Image: Van west

“When it is obvious that the goals cannot be reached, don’t adjust the goals, adjust the action steps.”— Confucius —


You may have had something unexpected that may have caused a slight delay, or caused you to get off-course,

So, my wish for you today is…. Re-direction

May you have the ability to re-adjust & sail on thru. 😊

WAckY WeDneSdaY – Silly Pic

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Motivation Monday – 7 Ways to Uplift Your Mood

Some great tips! A good pick-me-up to help start your week 🙂


Written by Eric C., MA., PhD Candidate

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“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.” ~Albert Einstein

We all have bad days. Have you ever had the kind of day that makes you think, “What is it all about?” We might start questioning our jobs and even our lives. Pretty soon we find ourselves spiraling into sadness. It is important not to get stuck in a whirlpool of negativity. Always keep moving forward because tomorrow will be a better day.

Here are 7 ways to uplift your mood:

1. Acknowledge your feelings
Start by asking yourself on a scale of one to ten how bad do you feel? Accept where you are emotionally. Don’t resist how you are feeling. Denying your feelings only keeps you in the current mental state. It might even make it worse. Think of denial as a…

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Great Mother’s Day Gift Ideas



There’s nothing that says, ‘I love you’ more than a thoughtful gift!  Here are some great gift ideas that I’m sure any mom would appreciate 😊



1)  Customized Jewelry


We all know most women LOVE anything that has some bling!  This is a great time to pick out cute little bracelets or necklaces, or whatever little trinket you think she’ll like. And don’t just stop there…personalize it! Go the extra mile & put her name on it, or say something that’s cute & sentimental, it’s sure to make her smile 🙂



2) Breakfast in Bed



Now, it doesn’t necessarily have to be in bed, she is allowed to come sit at the table if she prefers!  The point is, it’s her turn to be served. Prepare for her the breakfast, lunch & dinner of champions! Whip up her absolute favorites. You’re allowed to get some help with this, just order in if no one else is that good of a cook. Or, if she prefers, take her out to eat….just make sure she’ll be stuffed with culinary delight! 😍 



3) Spa Day


Ahh….just the sound of that sounds relaxing!  What better way to melt away the worries of the world than a spa day!  A day of nothing but soothing baths, massages & pampering!  Even if you can’t afford to send mom to an ‘official spa’ you can give her a day of pampering right at home, with her favorite bath salts, relaxing music, & peace & quiet.



4) Flowers


What mom doesn’t love flowers? Beautiful roses of various colors, orchids, lilies, or whatever flowers she likes will always be a winner.  If mom is allergic, no problem, there’s nothing like a home-made craft project of love! Cut out a variety of floral patterns in different sizes & shapes with colored paper.  Add felt, glitter…or the fabric of your choice.  There are various materials you can use to create the perfect floral bouquet, even balloons! This for sure won’t make her sneeze. 🙂 


5)  Family! ❤ ❤

It wouldn’t be Mother’s Day for any mom, without the rest of the family.  Hopefully, everyone will be on their best behavior, & will treat mom like the Queen she is! She will appreciate ALL of the love & affection that her family can give, (Everyday, would be even better) 😉  Which is really….the BEST gift. ❤


So, I hope you’ve enjoyed the suggestions, & whether you will celebrate with your mom, or if YOU’RE the mom…Have a Happy Mother’s Day! Until next time, “Toodles!” 😀