Weekly Post Schedule

Calendar with pushpins

Hello everyone!  My posting schedule is below, I truly appreciate your interest in my content  ❤ ❤  Enjoy! ❤ ❤ 😊

Monday Motivation (TBD….until further notice)


I will be posting motivational & inspirational content…such as an article, quote, or a poem

WAckY WeDneSdaY! (TBD….until further notice)


I will be posting anything comical or unusual to spark a conversation, or just a laugh 😀

Wishful Wednesday (TBD….until further notice)


I’m also adding, “Wishful Wednesday”… for a mid-week motivational boost, which includes content I find inspiring & uplifting that’s short & sweet, such as a simple photo or quote

Fun Friday! (TBD….until further notice)


I will be posting fun activities & ideas, or entertaining videos to kick-off the weekend! 😀

Tuesdays & Thursdays  –  are reserved for any random topic (e.g. Helpful tips, current events…etc) or, I may not post anything on these days. (Rest & reflection days 🙂 )